My clients are people who want the photographic story of their real life with a reportage style.

The only prerequisite is the desire to get involved.


You can think of me with a storyteller of our times. In ancient Greece, the storyteller was represented blind so that he could thus refine his sensitive abilities and thanks to the culture he possessed he made the ability to see superfluous. In the same way, and contrary to what one might think, I don't use my sight to tell stories, I pay attention to my "FEEL" to grasp what would escape mere sight.

Hi, I'm


and I'm a


Io a qualche mese di vita

(trova l'intruso)



Arriva mio fratello

(lo sto abbracciando?..)

Il mio papà


(o normalità?)

La mia mamma

Maestri ninja di smorfie

(o al naturale?)

19 anni

(mi viene da piangere)

La mia pallanuoto





11 11


I was born in 1982 and here I show you some photos from my past, of me and of the most important people to me: my parents, my brother, my husband and my children (Davide and Federico). My job consists of entering your homes, showing you a part of my life, it seemed right to me.


Do you photograph Family?

YES, I create services for families and I can find the right service for every family.

If you are here, it is because you are serious about understanding if I am for you because you would love to have a story about your real life in the family.

I can help you figure this out by asking a few questions:

Is real better than perfect? Do you want to get involved?

Are you parents with perpetual guilt, in perpetual distress, with the constant feeling that you are not doing enough? Do you often wonder if you are doing the right thing? Do you have no respite and sometimes you would like so much to be "single"? Are you loud and messy or are you a quiet, tidy and introverted family? Or are you just a family?

If the answer is "yes" to at least three of my questions (I put an X on almost all of them) this is the right place to find you. Open the email or pick up the phone and let's get to know each other! Or contact me!


Do you photograph brands?

YES, I create storytelling services for freelancers and small brands.

Let's decide together a list of activities that represent your typical day and, on the day of the service, while you carry out the activities you usually do, I will enter your world by telling it through my point of view.

What else do you photograph?


YES, I create photo shoots for every story.

Whether you are a couple who want to take a trip out of town or visit a city, whether you are friends who want to spend a day together doing what you usually do with friends, whether you are alone and want to have a story about yourself. You are in the right place!